Electoral College

Evan Bayh Bayh.

Evan Bayh bailed at the last minute on the people of Indiana. Two days before the petition turn-in date, he surprised them all by saying he wouldn’t run again for the Senate. Of course, by sitting on a huge campaign chest he’d already sent a “don’t run against me” message to all. Right there is Read More


In today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show (or the Greg and David show as some are calling it) we start off talking about campaign finance reform- but end up talking about the differences between a democracy and a democratic republic. Greg Hunter makes a case for the electoral college, and well, I try to get my Read More

Independence Day?

In 1776 it was taxation without representation. In 2009 it’s representation that is bought and paid for by special interests. Maybe it’s time to revolt once again? Where did it say we should be limited to two parties? And is it still protecting “free speech” if the cost of getting on a soapbox and running Read More