Vote like your life depended on it

The Expensive Election Tuesday that you should vote in

The costs of the Aug 2nd primary should be born by the folks on the state redistricting commission that failed- 6x, to comply with the State Supreme Court- the Republicans. Strangely enough, the only choices you get to make unless there are local options- is for contested primaries for state senate and state rep- and Read More

Definition of failure in Dayton on election day.

If the map is this divided after the election tomorrow, we’ve seen no progress in Dayton. In the Bohardt/McLin race in 2005 the city split. Please, get out and vote- for the people you believe will make an attempt to represent the entire city- and bring us together. It’s not a black or white thing, Read More

Vote for Change in 08, but Dems think that Dayton should not change in 09

While Dayton will vote heavily for the Change candidate for President in November, the local slate will be all the same according to today’s Dayton Daily News: Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin … plans to seek a third term. … McLin has also asked the Compensation Board to freeze her salary in 2009 and the salaries Read More

Longshots, Soundbites, Favorite Sons and the Qualifications of a Congressman

I had an interesting talk with Dr. Mike Ervin this afternoon. For those of you who don’t know Dr. Ervin, he’s been the chair of many task forces (including the Electric Trolley one now in action) and made quite a bit of money running a medical insurance business that built the “Wright Health Associates” building Read More