DROP program

Crime data a la carte: and the coming apocalypse

Thanks to brilliant lifecycle planning, the Dayton Police Department is about to lose a ton of senior officers through the “DROP program”– to make matters worse, we’ve also been in a hiring freeze thanks to a Department of Justice deal that’s been trying to address the whiteness of our boys and few girls in blue. Read More

The hammer will DROP starting next year

One of the dirty little secrets that the incumbents don’t want to talk about is the world of hurt that our safety forces are about to encounter. Thanks to a pension plan that began years ago, a whole bunch of our senior staff are all going to retire in droves starting next year. All that Read More

Safety and you- and the rest of the story

Today the Dayton Daily News ran another article about the City Commission race. However, with their drop in readership, it’s not going to make much of a difference come election day. So far, the TV news has ignored the commission race in it’s entirety- with only a little coverage of the Mayoral. There is more Read More