Dayton Unit NAACP

NAACP meeting and the task force on school closings

This video starts after they’d split into working groups. The data that was provided to make an informed decision or even an investigation was lacking. I’ll post the handouts later. The board won’t put me on the distribution list for the task force meetings. Even though the meeting at 10:30 today is in their building, Read More

NAACP asks about “economic development”

I’ve been to more public meetings than most. For the most part- they suck. Forums aren’t forums, Q&A is random, some moderators have no clue how to run a meeting- and a lot of people like to talk too much- myself included. I try to get out and video as many as possible that I Read More

A racino isn’t economic development

Other than the wages it pays and the services it consumes- a racino isn’t anything other than a way for the state to steal poor people’s money. Compare the economic output of a racino- with the factory it replaced and you start to see where we are headed. Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. the Dayton Unit Read More