Dayton Fire Department

Dayton gets to rehire firefighter after losing lawsuit on drug testing

We can’t hire new firefighters because of the Department of Justice lawsuit, and are “browning out equipment” because we are paying too much in overtime due to the shortage. Now we get to hire back a firefighter dismissed over three years ago for a second positive drug test for cocaine because the city attorney didn’t Read More

Civil service testing reviewed by Supreme Court

Listening to “Morning Edition”  on NPR the other day, I heard about problems New Haven, Connecticut, was having with their fire department’s  civil service testing process. Sounded just like Dayton. I highly recommend clicking over and reading the whole story- but here is the part that was interesting to me: The brief also argues that Read More

The Dayton Rescue Dive team? A dissection of arguments

Rescue dive teams are something I know a bit about. I was part of a volunteer one in Augusta,  Ga., while serving in the Army. The DDN article points out that volunteer rescue dive teams outnumber municipal ones across the country, and locally, Box 21 at one time served that function. Now that someone has Read More