Dayton City Commission race 2021

Why do we have expensive elections when we can have smarter, better, cheaper ones?

Yesterday was an election, and unless you are a political person, you may not have even noticed it. But, you paid dearly for it. We opened up all 36i0 or so precincts in Dayton, paying rent to churches, schools and libraries (but not nursing homes this time) and paid at least 5 people to sit Read More

Choosing Dayton’s future on Tuesday

Full disclosure- I’ve run for Mayor once, Commission many times, and tried to run for commission many times. I’ve done work for Darryl Fairchild, Shenise Turner-Sloss, Scott Sliver, Jordan Wortham, Valerie Duncan, Gary Leitzell and have even collected signatures to get Mims on the ballot- (which he didn’t even turn in – showing his disdain Read More

Dayton’s 147 million dollar question

Full disclosure- at one point or another, I’ve done work for Scott Sliver, Shenise Turner Sloss, Valerie Duncan, Darryl Fairchild, Jordan Wortham, and Gary Leitzell. The coming primary/special election/thinning of the herd on Tuesday May 4th is really a test to see if Daytonian’s have learned anything after the last 4 years of an insane Read More