Dayton Arcade

New plans for the Dayton Arcade leaked

The sudden abandonment of the Fairgrounds project by Miller Valentine left many scratching their heads, especially when their new project, the Dayton Arcade is a project that’s been floundering for almost 30 years. An anonymous source says Miller Valentine and the city are busy lobbying to grant a limited gambling license to the Arcade for, Read More

Another $5 million for arcade? Nope.

The nerve of the guy. Buy the Arcade, promise great things, then be late on your taxes- and then start asking for a handout. The owner of Dayton’s historic downtown arcade wants a financial commitment from the community to aid in the $38-million restoration project.“What we are trying to do here is for the people Read More

A list we didn’t make: America’s Most Miserable Cities –

Unlike places like Chicago and Detroit, where they actually prosecute misdoings by politicians and their friends, Dayton turns the other way, or quietly ushers people out the door. Forbes just added a corruption factor to compile the list, which Dayton would have made had we been honest in prosecuting the worst offenders (I’ll mention a Read More