Tax abatement clawback 101

Used to be that taxes were paid by working people to provide them with services from the government. The services included shared infrastructure like roads and sewers, safety services like police, fire and national defense, public education, immunization- the list goes on. Most of what government spent money on was for the good of all. Read More

Not just no, but HELL NO! AIG Bonuses with tax dollars

Excuse me, I’d have a hard time explaining my paycheck, never mind a bonus for running a company into the ground and taking the global economy with it. Apparently, the people at AIG don’t realize they should be getting shot and then burned at the stake. Instead they are claiming they requite bonuses to keep Read More

Why the giants of Detroit have stumbled.

The rhetoric around the Big Three bailout is virulent. The finger pointing is intense. And most of it is total poppycock. The New York Times had an article this morning about the Chevy Volt electric car. One car is all GM, a global auto manufacturer, is betting the whole company on one car. An overpriced Read More

Congress should tell the automakers to go talk to the oil companies

Greed. Typically it comes back to bite you in the butt. Just ask Exxon how things are going now that people are using less fuel thanks to their skyrocketing prices. Also, ask them how projections look, when Americans stop buying Hummers and Sufis- their best friends in boosting sales of their products. Six months ago  Read More

“Bailing out GM” isn’t the answer. Transforming the auto industry is.

You know the adage about teaching a man to fish. It’s time to teach GM how to compete. I believe that GM is building the best vehicles it’s built in the last 40 years right now- and that it can be competitive, but here are the things the Government could do to really solve the Read More