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Kansas City tries a pilot bike share program

While Dayton waits for the $4 million paddle boat run, Kansas City is jumping ahead with a small Bike share program. The pedaling population of Kansas City is expected to increase with the arrival of a bike-sharing program that has been a success in other cities. Ninety sturdy bicycles will come rolling into downtown today Read More

New housing options for a new Dayton?

I’ve talked on this site.about SRO housing before, as well as co-housing.  SRO stands for “Single Room Occupancy” and it’s illegal in Dayton- despite there being a few “grandfathered” examples- and some operated by social service agencies (the DePaul Center on St. Clair being an example). Of course, the other name for SRO and co-housing Read More

A gift to the community?

It’s Thanksgiving- and I’d like to thank all my readers for their participation on this site. It’s their thoughts, input, tips and discussion that have helped grow intelligent analysis of our community and its issues. This quote from Margaret Meade is why I do this: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens Read More

Which hotel in Dayton will be the first with bikes for guests?

Reader Jim passed this NYT article on bike rentals around the world. When in Berlin, my hotel had a few bikes for guests- and this was back in 1990. Why hasn’t a hotel in Dayton gotten in on this yet? Or has one? The idea of having a bike sharing system in place can have Read More

Dublin, Denver…Dayton? Bike Share

Bcycle won’t be coming to Dayton this summer- but, it’s still in my plans for next year. Unfortunately, the people at Premier Health Care still think that it’s better to waste their money on advertising and naming rights to high school sports stadiums than to sponsor a bike share program that would benefit the entire Read More

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