Dublin, Denver…Dayton? Bike Share

Bcycle won’t be coming to Dayton this summer- but, it’s still in my plans for next year. Unfortunately, the people at Premier Health Care still think that it’s better to waste their money on advertising and naming rights to high school sports stadiums than to sponsor a bike share program that would benefit the entire community and make Dayton a hipper, cooler, healthier place to live. Maybe the good folks at Kettering Health Network will see the advantage to having bikes with their brand on it circling their competitors facilities?

The city of Dublin- as in Ireland, not the Columbus suburb, has put in a bike share system:

A free bicycle scheme in this rainy metropolis of narrow roads, potholes and, it has to be said, bicycle thieves, has been a spectacular triumph. Indeed Dublin City Council boasts that the program is “the most successful in the world by any measure.”

Despite predictions that the 450 specially-made bikes, available from 40 stations around the city, would quickly be stolen or tossed in the River Liffey by vandals, only two have been pilfered in the first six months of operation. These were quickly recovered, and none have been vandalized, according to council spokesman Paul Finan.

via Dublin Bicycles | Free Bikes | Bike To Work.

While naysayers point to the problems that the system in Paris had, there are many others that have had outstanding reception and are doing exactly what they are supposed to.

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