Sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant of dirty government

Last Friday turned out to be a pretty OK day for

You may remember my last post- questioning why AUSA Brent Tabacchi was handing out letters from 2021. Yesterday, talk began that he should be taken off the Higgins case and replaced by AUSA Rob Painter. Judge Rose wanted to hear about the back to the future letter and even granted Brian Higgins an additional attorney to help out, since this case gets stranger by the minute.

I left a message on Tabacchi’s voice mail to verify that this was the letter he submitted- and not some kind of forgery. He didn’t call back.

Judge Rose had some type of hearing today at 10am- and Magistrate Michael Merz was listed as an “Interested party.” Still waiting to find out what happened, but, considering Tabacchi’s abysmal record on this entire “culture of corruption” case- you know the one where only Black people who don’t write the checks, are guilty of public corruption.

In case you are wondering about the preference of the US DOJ Southern District of Ohio for prosecuting Black people– their big news? On the 25th they went after a Black basketball player for a quarter million dollars for failing to file his taxes. Hmmm, let’s see, President Trump is a “billionaire” who doesn’t pay his taxes either….

In other court filings, yours truly, filed a motion for sanctions against the retiring Library director, and the county prosecutors office for lying in court about the ability to add time code to surveillance video. Due to slow responses in public records requests it took a little while to get responses, but the Dayton Police Department supplied a CD with an application that allows you to review their security video (PC only) and to both redact (blur faces) and output time code- that they had been given by the library in another case. Last I checked, lying in court is a 3rd degree felony. We’ll see what Judge Gerald Parker decides to do. I supplied the disk- along with a video showing how easy it was to supply video in a format that is court case compliant- with time code. I didn’t supply copies for the prosecutor or the library. Why not? Well- considering it took them over 833 days to give me video, I figure turnabout is fair play. And, well, they’ve known all along how easy their multi-million dollar video surveillance system works.

And in one last piece of mischief- I left a message for Debbie Lieberman’s left hand, John Theobald, asking him how much he charged to help get a no-compete bid on a county health department marketing project bid. Of course, Theobald didn’t respond.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon livestreaming the 2020 “Rock da Vote” candidates event for Neighborhoods Over Politics at Sinclair. Video is on their Facebook page, but we’re working on an improved version. Lieberman looked unwell after doing her best dance moves going up to the stage (you’re encouraged to bust a move- it’s really kind of endearing for some candidates). Flush, and bordering on tears, she talked about how she’s worked so hard to stop minority infant mortality in Montgomery County- which was a very odd stump speech to give to an empty auditorium- where your accuser is sitting right in front of you and reminding you to hold your mic up to your mouth.

We’ve also been busy compiling more data- on the costs of local government duplication and overreach for Reconstructing Dayton. Today, we livestreamed an hour interview with Bob Matthews, Debbie’s opponent in the race. He responded to our survey, Debbie didn’t. At this point, we’re not endorsing either of them for their position on slimming down government in Montgomery County. You may want to keep an eye on the Reconstructing Dayton site and subscribe to the video channel.

And, just for the record, even after being embezzled and carrying over losses, I still paid more in federal taxes than Donald J. Trump.



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