Stivers slays their audience with “Little Shop of Horrors”

My best friend loves musicals and we’ve been going to the Schuster for the Broadway series.

Little Shop of Horrors set from Stivers School for the Performing artsThose tickets aren’t cheap. The shows are great, the venue is amazing. But, here’s a little tip for my readers, buy your tickets to the Stivers School for the Performing Arts production of “Little Shop of Horrors” for Saturday night, April 9 at 7pm or Sunday April 10 at 2pm. I can’t find a link online, but, the show I saw tonight was outstanding and a blast.

There is no shortage of talent in this community, and these kids show what they’ve got with more energy and enthusiasm than those professionals on a national tour.

Now, if we all could just keep this incredible talent in our community- and stop telling our young people to “wait their turn” we’d be aces. (you know I have to go political).

Tickets are $5 for kids, $10 for adults. They also had some amazing cupcakes for sale on the way out. Highly recommended.



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