Stacy Thompson, Dayton’s bravest elected representative on David Esrati

I stopped by the Occupy Dayton HQ tonight to see “While we Watch” a 40-minute film about the news media and the power of citizen journalists.

I heard an unattibuted quote that I really liked: “If it can be destroyed by the truth it should be” and with a quick search it turns out the exact quote is “That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be” – P. C. Hodgell

In many ways, it strikes me as the reason I began this site: to try to undo the damage done to my reputation by the Dayton Daily News editorial board and the DDN coverage of my activism. I needed to counter the mailings of the madman who had people believing that I had nothing better to do than send wacko mail to people in power for years. And I needed to expose the behind-closed-door workings of this community. This site is well read- especially by the people who have been doing those back-room deals. It’s taken a long time, but finally people are starting to understand who I am and what I stand for- straight from my site, without the distortion filter the media uses to distract us from the truth.

There are still a lot of people who hear my name and instantly hang up the phone. I know, because my 84 year old mother has been calling voters about the campaign for the last 2 weeks and has heard it all. She marches on.

I put out a call for people to “testify” about the real David Esrati. A few have stepped up. The best known and bravest (and also the one who received more votes than the Mayor, Nan or Joey in the last commission election I was allowed to participate in)  is Dayton Board of Education member Stacy Thompson. As an “endorsed Democrat” she’s taking a risk and pushing the envelope and inviting the wrath of our insular party.

In my eyes, this makes her the bravest elected representative in the region. (By the way, both Stacy and Brad Proctor did their videos in one take, no edits)

Thank you Stacy. We will see if the truth does any damage.

Would anyone else like to share their thoughts on camera?

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