Spill, Baby, Spill

Sara Palin where are you now? Because of the tabloid style “debate” which passes for political discourse in this country- we don’t have intelligent discussions about cause and effect. Off-shore oil drilling sounds great and fine- as does nuclear power, as does strip mining and “clean coal” (which doesn’t exist except in some highly paid PR flak’s imagination- but it “sounds good”).

One little mechanical error and we won’t be eating shrimp at those lobbyists’ parties in D.C. anymore:

Billions of dollars generated by outdoor sports, commercial fishing and beach tourism along the Gulf of Mexico coast are at risk if crude oil leaking from a damaged well off the coast of Louisiana washes aground. BP Plc, which owns the well, says it is leaking five times faster than previously thought, spewing 5,000 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf.

The spill may threaten wildlife and seafood production in a state known as “Sportsman’s Paradise,” as well as in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida or Texas, said Robert Shipp, chairman of the Marine Sciences Department at the University of South Alabama.

“If this thing really gets to the coast, to those sugar-white beaches from Gulf Shores, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida, that would be just a horrible disaster,” Shipp said in an interview.

via Oil Spill Imperils Gulf Coast Fishing Industry (Update1) – BusinessWeek.

Even Florida Governor Charlie Crist- a Republican, has flipped on off-shore drilling- realizing that no one wants to come to Florida to lie on a beach covered in 10W40.

While it’s easy to throw these catch phrases about- and take things down to simple terms that morons can understand (voters and legislators)- the reality is we have to live with these decisions- and so will our children, and their children on into eternity (which may not be that long for the human race if we ruin our ability to feed ourselves).

Ecosystems are fragile. It’s not just the shrimp- it’s the things the shrimp eat- and what eats the shrimp- etc. -it’s all affected.

Much the same way that the growing CEO pay, the casinoization of Wall Street- the rewards for off shoring American jobs, two wars, a government out of control with spending and legislating has devastated the American economy/ecosystem driving millions out of their homes and jobs – to a point where groups of armed people are “protesting” in D.C. and comparing our President to Hitler- one little oil spill is going to wreak havoc on so many related economies. These create the breeding grounds for despots to rise to power.

Critical thinking and discussion are our only hope for getting rid of idiots like “Hell no” Boehner and”Drill baby” Palin so that we can move our country forward. We have to look at the big picture, and the long-term implications of our short-term actions- because catch phrase politics is a recipe for disaster.

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