Let’s dumb down the Dayton Daily News even more!

Having a Brit for a mother, and a journalist for a father I’ve always been interested in the difference between newspapers on each side of the pond. Our newspapers take themselves too seriously and the Brits- well, they have more fun. From the Page 6 girls, to the tabloid front page, news as entertainment is all part of “British humor” (which I’ve never understood).

“Dan and Dan” (yes, it’s the same guy) make fun of the Daily Mail- and their SUPERSENSATIONAL headlines in this brilliant short song. Almost makes me want to pick up a copy- just for the sheer audacity of it.

Hope you enjoy. Deep, serious discussion about other matters to return soon- when I have more time.

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

That was funny and unfortunately true.  In Dayton people spout the DDN, WHIO or Faux News as gospel.  Terrible, but hey why try for an expanded or enlightened audience.  We are free in America to be as stupid as we want to be and still be proud of it.  God Bless the Cox Sisters and Rupert Murdoch.


Maybe we need a WTFDDN.