So much for financial aid in Ohio.

A friend forwarded me the following e-mail from the State.

Click on the first three links- and the programs are being discontinued.

Dear FAFSA Filer:

The Ohio General Assembly is currently debating the biennial budget bill that will appropriate state funds for the next two years. An important part of this bill and this debate involves the recommendations offered by the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents based on his vision and priorities for higher education in this state.

As such, there could be some major changes to many of our state grants and scholarships programs that will affect both new and returning students.

Even though final details on all of these changes will not be available until after the budget is signed into law in late June, we want to provide students, families and schools with as much information as possible for planning purposes. Below are several links to our program websites that contain more details. Replies to this e-mail will not be received. Rather, if you would like to submit a comment or question, you can do so electronically at any of the following links:

Ohio Academic Scholarship

Regents Graduate Fellowship

Ohio Student Choice Program

Ohio College Opportunity Grant

Non-Public Need-Based Block Grant (proposal to replace the Ohio College Opportunity Grant at private institutions)
State Grants and Scholarships Staff
Ohio Board of Regents

But, remember, it is possible to get at least one year of an associate’s degree paid for while you are in prison.

Go figure.

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