Skyline returning to Brown Street!

Just saw the temporary sign strung up over the old “Nothing but noodles” sign- Skyline is coming back to Brown Street after a long hiatus.

Formerly where Milano’s is now, the Brown Street Skyline was the only Skyline near a campus that didn’t get it. Closing at 8pm doesn’t work for food you crave, end of story.

As an addict, I’m looking forward to being able to walk to Skyline once again (and yes, I know, it’s chain food- but, it’s our local chain- try getting Skyline in Austin Tx).

Just another reason to live and work in the NUSA Neighborhood of the Year- South Park.

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David Esrati
David Esrati

According to the Dayton Business Journal, this location should be open by end of Oct. 08 Call first.
Skyline Chilli 1153 Brown Street (937) 528-7900