Shit that really matters that you wish politicians would care more about

Dayton Daily News cutting about SGM Woodall Murder

Gone, but never forgotten. SGM Woodall, US Army Special Forces

In today’s Dayton Daily news, the war of words continues about Mayor Whaley’s quest for the spotlight and Mike Turner’s subliminal inferiority complex. It’s July 29th and I’m the only one who remembers every year that a real American hero was gunned down in his home, and that the spineless murderers are still running the streets of Dayton- free.

The headline- which peaks out above my monitor “Veteran of 3 wars, 85, dies in home invasion” is still there- reminding me that there has been no justice for Sgt. Major North E. Woohall. Every year I write a post. Every year I hope for justice.

You don’t hear updates on the unsolved murders in this city at every City Commission meeting from our police chief- because that might remind people that while “economic development” takes millions of your tax money and hands it over to developers and large companies, we can’t hire enough detectives to solve this crime. And while every year I write a post, hoping the day comes when I can take that yellowed piece of newsprint off my wall- I could be adding more just like it.

Photo of the tomb stone of Oscar Keithly Beason, murdered in Dayton Ohio

Another unsolved murder of a veteran in Dayton Ohio

My friend Keith Beason, who is one of the partners at Quincy’s Fish on West Third Street- has to go to bed every night, without knowing who killed his father. Oscar Keithly Beason was another veteran of WWII- killed at 95 in Dayton Ohio. Keith posts things like this on his Facebook wall:

If anyone has any information regarding the murder of Oscar Keithey Beason on or around February 16, 2013 please contact Det. Darrell Smith or Det. David House with the Dayton Police Homicide Department at: (937)333-1166 or (937)333-COPS

The senseless deaths of two senior citizens who served our country is more important than the plight of Honduran children to the people of Dayton Ohio. Our senior citizens deserve the right to feel safe in their homes. Our community deserves to be free of fear. For all the horrible things that may happen to those children in Honduras, our first priority is that our own children, even if they are grown adults, shouldn’t have to go to sleep each night, wondering who killed their father, and are their other senior citizen relatives safe in our City.

That’s shit that really matters- Mayor Whaley, Congressman Turner, how about taking care of our people first?

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