Secrets of living in Dayton: Call CCT for computer cables

CCT logoI have my favorite places to shop and ways to save money- and I thought I’d share a secret place to buy computer networking cables in Dayton for a lot less than Radio Shack or anywhere else:

Cable & Connector Technologies

3509 South Dixie Drive

Dayton, OH 45439

937 297-9310

[email protected]

I’ve been shopping with them for years- and even if the site looks like a big corporation- it’s run by a brother/sister team, Brian and Heather Stacy. They import the cables direct from China (just like everyone else) and can help you with USB cables or cat 6 wire for less. They are also the best place in Dayton to get an HDMI cable.

Plus, they’re really nice- and offer a lifetime warranty.

Tell them Esrati sent you.

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Do they do mail order?

David Esrati
David Esrati

yes, they do mail order as well.


David, it looks like the comments feed is broken.