School board must go

In tonight’s first 3 hours of the School Board meeting the board split 4-3 in a vote to re-hire Superintendent Libby Lolli to a 1 year contract. Voting for Lolli were Jocelyn Rhynard, Gabriella Pickett, Joe Lacey and Chrisondra Goodwine. This was done, waiving the 48 hour rule, with zero deference to the public, not allowing them to review the contract, which sounded like ink hadn’t even dried on the paper.

Why there is such a rush to re-hire the Superintendent, who was hired without a background check or any vetting at all, by the superintendent from hell, Rhonda Corr (who supposedly went through all that via a search firm) is still not clear. In fact Will Smith, in his prep for his no vote, said that the last two times the board had used search firms- they’d failed, and that the one that hired Corr, started at the same time as this search was terminated.

Karen Wick Gagnet pointed out the disparity in performance between schools on the East side and the West side- and seemed to agree with me, that part of the Superintendents job is to prepare a successor, and that the only reason she had run again was to be part of picking the next superintendent. The third no, came from Dion Sampson. Just as a reminder, Sampson, Pickett and Smith are up for re-election this fall if they choose to run again.

If the board had listened to the Dayton Education Association leader Neil Mahoney, who spoke carefully but clearly, that this district has been losing people at a record pace, due to Lolli’s leadership by fear. Wick Gagnet brought up how having 17 substitutes at Edwin Joel Brown school was unacceptable. There is plenty of ammunition to fire Lolli, or at least not rehire her, but, the only candidate they could choose, David Lawrence scares the living daylights out of these racists.

Not only is he black, educated, a proven educational leader, a veteran, a DPS grad, apparently, he’s not “ready” to lead here. Because if you’re black, you have to be a yes man to the powers that be. Take his mentor, Jeff Mims as an example. Lawrence won’t cave to anyone, and that’s why he’ll be gone by June, snapped up by some larger district, who respects his skill set.

To think that a national search would find someone better or more qualified than Lawrence is only a fantasy of fools. But, there is really nothing stopping them from still doing it. They’ll just have lost their last hope for the district.

I still believe it’s Lolli’s mission in life to destroy the district so that charter operators can pick up all of our buildings for pennies on the dollar and turn the entire district into a charter school mecca. Count Goodwine, Lacey, Rhynard and Pickett in as her accomplices.

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