Same as it ever was…

Dayton voters love the status quo, the safe, the boring, the lame and the same.

Matt Joseph and Dean Lovelace get to sit as placeholders on the City Commission for four more years (until Dean resigns to open up a special election for Rhine McLin after she gets beaten in the commission race in 2 years).

At the Dayton Board of Education- despite voting to give the biggest tax evading corporation in the nation a hall pass, Nancy Nearny (who nearly didn’t make it on the ballot) beat Rev William Schooler by 500 votes to retain her seat, with newcomer Reverend Robert Walker coming in second to labor favorite Sheila Taylor. The crazy thing is – Taylor and Nearny appointed Schooler less than 6 months ago.

Same as it ever was.

Organized labor sent the Republican Governor and the State Senate a message on messing with their collective bargaining- but by almost the same measure, the Obama attempt as universal health care took a smack down showing that Ohio voters are a fickle and not particularly insightful bunch.

Saying these results will have any bearing on next year’s presidential race would be presumptuous- Ohio is still up in the air.

Newcomer Mark Manovich got the serious smack down, with a less than stellar showing, and Gary Leitzell showed his lameness by backing a candidate who pulled the sympathy vote. Don’t expect Leitzell to be elected again.

We can all go to sleep in our city knowing things will stay the same as they ever were and dream of yet another time and place when something sensible finally occurs on voting day.

And, btw- once again, I got to vote for three unopposed judges, as if letting them run until they turn 100 would matter… we still don’t believe in true choice in our (s)elections, so it’s a good thing Issue 1 was going down and they have to back out at 70.

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