RTA won’t take advertiser’s money, while raising prices and cutting service

It’s time for heads to roll at RTA. While the board is being told that they have to cut routes and raise fairs, they aren’t being told that RTA chief Mark Donaghy fired his advertising sales person 3 years ago- and has failed to be able to figure out how to sell ads effectively since.

Advertising on the outside of buses is a way for private money to help subsidize the cost of running buses. It’s done in every major city across the country. In NYC it is one of the premium forms of outdoor advertising. In Dayton- I currently can’t buy an ad on a side of a bus because RTA is stuck in a contract with a company that failed to do the job that one woman handled for years.

Here is what Donaghy is suggesting from today’s Dayton Daily News:

Bus service cuts and fare increases were approved this morning, June 23, by Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority committees and will be sent to the full board for final action.

The finance/personnel and planning committees unanimously approved the changes recommended by Executive Director Mark Donaghy to resolve a projected $3.1 million 2009 deficit caused mostly by sharp declines in local sales tax revenues.

The full RTA board of trustees will vote July 7 on the proposal to raise adult bus fares 25 cents to $1.75, eliminate route 32 and reduce the frequency of service or the number of trips on several other routes. The changes would take effect in August.

The committees went along with Donaghy’s decision to not eliminate routes 65 and 66, which are two popular senior citizen bus routes, and late-night service that is used mostly by second- and third-shift workers.

The proposed fare increase would boost annual revenues by $1.25 million and the service cuts would save $3.2 million annually, Donaghy said.

via RTA committees vote to cut routes, hike fees.

No one is suggesting that running a bus company is easy, but, passing up on revenue that should be gravy, is an embarrassment.

It’s time for an investigation into why RTA can’t seem to get its ad sales program running, ASAP.

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