Roly Poly rolls out of Downtown: DDP #FAIL

The Roly Poly sandwich shop in the old Elder Beerman/Reynolds and Reynolds call center- now Area Agency on Aging – rolled out of their downtown location over the weekend.

The building which is owned and managed by CityWide Development (which means it’s your tax dollars) now only has two ground floor tenants- the CVS which moved from across the Street from CityWide’s main building at the corner of Main and Third (believe it or not- it’s a separate building from the PNC bank building) and the Boston Stoker.

Even the food vendor cart population is down from around 10 in previous years to two or three.

And while the Tea Party Exchange got busted for outsourcing its services, no one has questioned why the Downtown Dayton Partnership has to hire an outside firm to staff its “Ambassadors program”- yep, those people in green shirts aren’t hired by the Partnership directly- they outsource them from: Block By Block out of Louisville KY.

Is this an indication that we should outsource everything? Trash, police, fire, why not even hire a Mayor- it’s a part-time job, maybe we could get someone much better. Dayton Public Schools uses a PR Consultant out of Cleveland too.

If we didn’t have business owners paying a premium tax – the “Special Improvement District” tax- and the city actually provided the services it’s supposed to, maybe businesses could afford to stay in Downtown. Or maybe, they could at least spend their money with a local firm for their “ambassadors.”

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