“Riots”- free lawyers- and why does the Sheriff sell more homes than Phil Herman?

It’s coming. One big mess.

How do I know that? Because when the Sheriff is the undisputed leader in selling homes, a State Supreme Court Justice is asking lawyers to do pro-bono to help in the backlog of foreclosures, and people are taking to the streets to save public housing complexes, we have the beginnings of a revolution.

This country started with a tea party- and it may end in a “credit crunch party”- as the effects of the government worried more about the banks and the stock market than the people and their pantries.

NOLA Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting
…Police said 15 people were arrested on charges ranging from battery to disorderly conduct. Four people were taken to hospitals — two of them women who had been stunned with Tasers — and five others were injured and treated on the scene, police said. All four in the hospital were stable, police said.

Protesters said they pushed against the iron gates that kept them out of the building because the Housing Authority of New Orleans had disproportionately allowed supporters of the demolition to pack the council’s chambers. Dozens tried to force their way in.

At the peak of the confusion, some 70 protesters were facing about a dozen mounted police and 40 more law enforcement officers on foot.

One woman was sprayed by police and dragged from the gates; emergency workers took her away on a stretcher. Another woman said she was stunned by officers, and still had what appeared to be a Taser wire hanging from her shirt.

“I was just standing, trying to get into my City Council meeting,” said the dazed woman, Kim Ellis, who was taken away in an ambulance.

“Is this what democracy looks like?” Bill Quigley, a Loyola University law professor who opposes demolition, said as he held a strand of Taser wire he said had been shot into another of the protesters….

How can a City Commission hold a public meeting with locked gates in a democracy? What has happened to our system? Has it been so corrupted by money that the people who we are supposed to be serving are no longer our customers?

This is why I’m running for Congress.

And if you are wondering who Phil Herman is, according to billboards and his site, he’s been Dayton’s top Realtor for, well, ever. Time to change your tagline, Phil, the Sheriff has a whole section of the paper for his listings, and it’s every week.

And if you are saying, well, I’m not going to lose my house, I don’t have a bad loan, just remember, when there is no one left who can buy your house- what will it be worth? Will you be willing to demand action then?

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