Reynolds gets $150K of your tax dollars

When I hire someone, do I get $2,143 for doing it? Nope. I have to spend some time filling out government paperwork and verifying citizenship and the right to vote. Then, I have to add them to payroll, and pay city income taxes to any number of different cities.

Most small businesses I know would love a check for hiring people. But, that’s not how it works anymore. The big guys get the breaks, the small guys get broke.

Reynolds and Reynolds Co. will consolidate its finance and insurance operations into a single unit at the company’s headquarters campus in Kettering, creating about 70 jobs…

Currently, the majority of those operations are located in Georgia and the rest are scattered across the United States,

Kettering officials said the city and the Dayton Development Coalition will offer $150,000 in economic incentives to assist Reynolds with the move.

Reynolds — a provider of software and services to auto dealers — has about 1,700 employees, including 1,400 locally.

via Reynolds consolidation to create 70 jobs in Kettering – Dayton Business Journal:.

This is nothing but corporate welfare. It’s unfair, it’s not business friendly, and it’s a waste of your tax dollars. As a public service, I’m publishing these on this site, so when Reynolds announces it’s next round of layoffs- we can find this charitable contribution to their bottom line- and ask for our money back.

Corporate welfare needs to be illegal, nationwide. End of story (at least for today).

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