Pro soccer in the heart of Dayton- and few people noticed

I looked on the Dayton Daily News Sports page today for a story about the Columbus Crew vs the Dayton Dutch Lions playing at UD’s Baujan field– and didn’t see a thing.
But, at 6:30 p.m. the two teams, both leading their respective leagues- took the field and played “football.”

Now granted, some of the serious soccer crazies are at home, glued to their sets watching the World Cup- along with the rest of the world, but, this was the big leagues- and the Dayton Daily News didn’t have a story.

Baujan Field is known to UD students- but, for most- you’d never know it’s there. Tucked away behind the old fieldhouse- it was built in 1925- and now is home to the very successful UD soccer programs. I’m not sure of the capacity- but, this should have been a 7,000+ attendance- thanks to all the youth soccer in the community. Sadly, I’d guess that it wasn’t half that.

With all the stories the DDN doesn’t cover, I’m wondering if it’s time to sue to change the name to the “Dayton Daily” or of late, “The Touchdown Jesus Times”

BTW- the Crew won 3-0. For the first year Dayton Dutch Lions, that almost counts as a win. However, Dayton’s soccer community really took a beating- from the sound of the crowd, there were more Crew fans there than Dayton fans.

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