Pizza and petitions tonight? South Park Tavern

I’ll be at the South Park Tavern tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 pm if you want to stop by to sign my petition. You must be a Dayton resident who is registered to vote.

It’s neighborhood night for the South Parkians. 1301 Wayne Ave. Dayton OH 45410 for those of you with GPS.

I’ll also video tape your testimonials about why you think I’d be good- or rotten as a commissioner (as long as you sign my petition to get me on the ballot).

Favorite choices for Pizza:

  • The Cheeseburger Deluxe- ask for it with the special ketchup and mustard sauce.
  • The Classic Italian- with or without meat- it’s a white pizza- no tomato sauce, just olive oil.
  • The Reuben- just like the sandwich- mmmmm… sauerkraut.
  • The Pesto Pizzaz- yes, broccoli on a pizza can be awesome.
  • The Hawaiian- order it on the whole wheat crust.
  • The Greek Gyro- but get it half with “Lamb” and half with “Chicken” for variety.
  • The Mediterranean- artichoke hearts, feta and flavorful.

For those of you who are traditionalists- get the Factory Special. It’s an award winner.

Oh yeah, they have beer too. All kinds of crazy micro-brews.

See you there.

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Mr. E. – Sorry I saw this so late, well after the event. If you do another one would you please post it on Facebook? I’ll see it there in plenty of time.
I am a citizen of Dayton and registered voter and I want to sign this.
If you give me enough advanced notice I can help spread the word to get you some
more signatures.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

Ode to David Esrati
by the Ice Bandit

I’ll sign your petition Dave Esrati
Though my activism as late has been spotty.
We’ll throw support to you,
You seem to have a clue,
to keep this town from sliding into the potty…

Folks in town are tired of waitin’,
to see improvement in Dayton,
we seem to have a curse,
things could not be worse,
if the mayor we elected was Satan.

We’ll rename city hall the House of David.
And this towns grim destiny will be save-ed.
It might be awfully cute,
If we all campaigned in a ninja suit,
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled it’s not depraved.

Darn it, I broke my G banjo string. Gotta’ run to Hauers as soon as they open. More lyrics on the way…….

David Esrati

Ice bandit-
that’s funny enough to deserve its own post.
Although- I’d really like it if City Hall was gone- and we had UniGov hall- and the people felt like it was theirs, and not the politicians.


Ice Bandit that is AWESOME!
I love the line “House of David”.
And I think there needs to be a Ninja parade down Main Street carrying Esrati signs.