Pie in the sky waste of tax dollars

If a single tax dollar from an Ohio resident goes to a company that’s planning on manufacturing $200,000 flying cars, it’s time for a revolt.

Sure 11% unemployment is an issue, but so is delivering the basic services like police and fire to the businesses that you already have. Using your tax dollars to help launch a business just because it’s  somehow vaguely connected to “the invention of flight” in the name of “economic development” isn’t how to spend time or money right now.

We could invest in simplifying and streamlining government, so as to make the tax burden lower on all Ohio businesses and to make it easier to do business here. Start out with building a much better business registration, fee and tax portal- one stop for the entire State.

Instead, the Dayton Daily News makes an editorial endorsement of chasing after flying cars- talk about a strangely bad idea:

At this stage, Terrafugia only employs about 10 people. How many it might want to hire is another unknown. Economic development officials in Dayton weren’t aware of the company’s plans when the story broke. That’s no reflection on them. Every indication is that Terrafugia’s obsession at this point is with capital.

Since the news broke, the Dayton Development Coalition has been in touch with the company.

Comparisons with the Wright brothers arise. They weren’t the first to get into the air, but they were the ones whose work led to airplanes becoming practical.

And they were able to proceed largely on their own — up to a certain point. Eventually war and the military became crucial in the development of flight. ..

Dayton and Ohio shouldn’t be obsessing over the obstacles now. Just having the effort here would be a good thing. Flying cars are already an object of public fascination. The closer they come to reality, the more attention there will be. That’s the kind of attention Dayton is looking for.

via Editorial: Soaring sedans worth a look for Dayton, after the jokes | A Matter of Opinion.

The whole government involvement in cherry picking businesses for government support is already absurd. For those who complain about reforming health care as “socialist”- when it’s an attempt at providing a level playing field for all with a minimum standard of health care- but, aren’t up in arms about these decisions by government to plan and support some businesses and not others- you have totally missed the point.

Government needs to get smaller and more efficient fast- just like every business in America has been forced to. Even thinking about tax incentives for flying cars is a colossal waste of time and a pie in the sky waste of tax dollars.

It’s time to place a Federal ban against any tax dollars being used to provide support for “economic development” type deals. Tax dollars must go to delivering universal services only.

Bonus- video from Dayton Grassroots Daily Show

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