PechaKucha tonight!

Pecha Kucha pronounced various ways- to keep yourself out of trouble “PK Night” is fine, comes to South Park tonight.
It’s FREE! and fun.

To answer the pronunciation question, it literally means “chit chat” in Japanese, I used to turn to the world-renowned experts on pronunciation from Sesame Street with this fun video:

But there is another video that claims this is wrong- I skipped the beginning – where he nails the video above- and says it’s PE-CHA KUCH HA. All evenly accented.

Here is from the PK official site-

PK Dayton stays home. We’ve got one more volume before the year is out, and we’re holding it at our place, Historic South Park. That’s where Matt, Shayna and Jill live.

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 7:30pm relax with us between the parties, hangovers, cracked nuts, shopping frenzies and general holi-daze. And yes, you are welcome to lounge in your silk jammies, like this South Park Lady.

Volume 21 has 8 great 20×20 visions–imaginative artists, provocative thinkers, inspiring outsiders and creative stuff that’s impossible to categorize. We’ll be at Hope Lutheran Church, 500 Hickory St., Dayton. (Careful not to spill beer in the sanctuary). Enter at Hickory & Perrine–park east of the church or in the Emerson Academy lots on Hickory.

Special beer break treat! Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory is bringing us a tasting of their specialty pies. You will love!

Thank you to PKDayton Vol 21 sponsors Dragonfly Editorial and Pizza Factory.

via PechaKucha 20×20 – Dayton – Vol. 21 – We Entertain at Home!.

Donations accepted- and food items are being collected as well.

So far- the only announced speakers are my neighbor Bridget Bogel who is a phenomenal artist who teaches at Sinclair, and Amelia “smart mouth” Robinson from the DDN.

Parking is available in the big lots of Emerson Academy if the church lot fills.

These are always a lot of fun- see you there tonight!

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Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Pecha Kucha night, but what better opportunity than this gathering to belt out some Christmas carols? The Old Bandito has five new Black Diamond banjo strings on the old Gibson long neck, so you know he’s ready for some old style pickin.’ So lets kick off this hipster hootenanny with a rendition of your, mine and everybody’s favorite Christmas carol, “Christmas in South Park.” Y’all already know the words…. Santa left the North Pole on his magic sleigh, eight reindeer and Rudolph, red nose leading the way. To Asia then to Europe, thru barriers and clime, Santa brought his joys to girls and boys making record time. Santa then crossed the Atlantic, before the midnight hour, and as he approached Ohio, Santa’s luck went sour. Santa landed in Ohio, at Perrine and Hickory street. South Parkers heard the merry sound, of eighteen reindeer feet. Santa dropped off basketball nets at the home of David Esrati, went back to his sled for some lumps of coal, for some neighbors who were naughty, but when Santa went back to fetch at the sleigh on the schoolhouse lawn, he raised his eyes to his surprise, the deer and sleigh were gone. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh…. Santa Claus got sleigh-jacked, in South Park Christmas eve, causing global consternation, and a billion kids to grieve. Had Santa just avoided, South Park that fateful day, he’d still be Father Christmas, instead of gone away. The dude that stole old Santa’s sled, was talentless and dense, he wiped out a bitchin’ Cambria, and a wrought iron fence. The neighbors called the DPD, and despite their assurance, they towed away Old Santa’s sleigh cause Santa didn’t have insurance. Old Santa’s magic toy bag was never seen again, they say it was stoled and sold for just fifty bucks of heroin. Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Santa Claus got thugged and mugged, in South Park Christmas morn, and there was universal outrage, and a billion kids did mourn. Had Santa only given South Park a big bypass, he’d still be Father Christmas, and not flat on his… Read more »

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

That was AWESOME, ol’ Bandito!!! One “thumbs up” doesn’t begin to do it justice!!

Merry Christmas to you, Bandito, as well as the rest of the good people on Esrati’s site!