Pecha Kucha Dayton at the Masonic

Two of my favorite things in Dayton come together Thursday 15 Dec 2016: Pecha Kucha Dayton which is presentations of 20 slides with 20 seconds each- at the Masonic Center overlooking the city.

Doors open at 7pm for tours of one of the most incredible buildings in Dayton, the presentations start at 7:30 or so (PK is pretty informal). Slight difference is that they are asking for a minimum $2 donation at the door (PK is funded totally by donations and sponsorships btw) because of issues with the Masonic’s liquor permit. For me, PK is about the presentations- but for some, the normally free beer and snacks are the draw (because the Masonic has a liquor permit- it will be cash bar for wine and beer and the catering is by Elite).

Typically they have between 8-10 speakers lined up. Some drop out at the last minute. I’m looking forward to seeing what Michael McCorkle does in his presentation about Dayton’s own, world champions, Invincible Regulating Striders drill team. Also up is my friend and fellow veteran, Zach Sliver- talking about his Dayton Inspires project. (update: he bailed)

The posted list of speakers also includes:

  • Sharon Stoltzenberger, paintings
  • Douglas Picard, baking bread + making good
  • Josher Lumpkin, board game geek
  • Jan Futrell + members of the Inventing Peace Program
  • Yetunde Rodriguez, textile art
  • John Humphries, art/design/architecture
  • Mitchell Eismont, professor of graphic design via socio-political issues

If you’ve never been to a PK night, don’t worry – the crowd is friendly and fun, and the presentations are usually interesting, thought provoking and fun- audience interaction is also welcome.

PK is a global phenomena, with over 900 cities participating. Dayton is celebrating volume 29 on the 15th. It’s produced by three South Park residents- because of course, all the cool kids live in my ‘hood.

I’ve pushed for the Dayton Public Schools to adopt PK as a way to engage students and teach them the discipline of presenting with impact. So far, no DPS administrators have come to check things out.

Parking is free- and typically, we’re done by 9:30. Bring a friend, and prepare for a good time. Next one will be in the spring. This is a quarterly roving juke joint driven by powerpoint. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter, or like them on Facebook if you want to stay in the loop.

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