Pardon me, but are you still the “Dayton City Commission” if you meet in Sharonville?

Screen shot of agenda header

Is it still the “Dayton City Commission”

The almighty Mayor Nan and company believe that Dayton isn’t good enough for them to hold a retreat, instead, wasting our tax money and time- they scheduled a retreat tonight and tomorrow in Sharonville.

I suggest they reconsider this- and am seeking counsel to file an injunction.

From the Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual– page 88:

1. Where Meetings May be Held
A public body must conduct its meetings in a venue that is open to the public.831 Although the Open
Meetings Act does not specifically address where a public body must hold meetings, some authority
suggests that a public body must hold meetings in a public meeting place832 that is within the
geographical jurisdiction of the public body. 833

833 1944 Ohio Op. Att’y Gen. No. 7038; 1992 Ohio Op. Att’y Gen. No. 032.

I’m not linking this to the Dayton Daily News article about the session, because the paper is too chickenshit to do its job.

Here is the link to the City of Dayton “agenda” for the special meeting- in Cincinnati.

Why would the city commission go an hour away from the citizens that they “represent” to discuss plans for our city? Why would they add an undue burden to the citizen who wants to monitor their actions?

Why isn’t there a place in the city that is good enough for them?

I would advise Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Lori Ward and School Board President Dr. Walker, not to attend and open themselves up to a violation of the law.

This meeting should have been clearly announced in the Wed Jan 8, 2014 meeting agenda– but is not. Considering the only change to the commission is the addition of Jeff Mims, who rode the Whaley bandwagon into office, the real question is why is there even a need to work on “team building.” This is Nan’s team. It’s what she campaigned on. She sold voters on her “roadmap”- what’s to discuss in Cincinnati?



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Thank you, Esrati, for being the consciousness of the City and being brave enough to say what needs to be said about the overwhelming corruption that has decayed Dayton from the inside out.
The “meeting”  has nothing to do with matters important to Dayton and everything to do with launching Whaley’s visibility statewide  and spreading her influence outside of decaying Dayton. The Mayorship is a stepping stone to higher political aspirations for the Whale, just as the City Commissioner position was.
Maybe the Unions will wake up someday & see she is not their friend, then she won’t have any boots on the ground to do her grunt work.
Dayton  leadership is an oxymoron.


Who cares, besides a few baby citizens? We don’t enforce drug laws, clear cut immigration laws and such. You are outside looking in and just want to stir some shit. Leave them alone. 
I suggest you move to a different city and get a fresh start. Your crying has become tiresome. It is time to talk about real issues. And a “walk to work” tax credit isn’t what I am talking about.
Topics could include the failures of Obama, the failures of government in general, or the growth the region should have after we elect a republican president. 


And what an “agenda”!  Are they trying to score points for being cute?