Opening doors at endorsement meetings

Ever wonder how a candidate gets endorsed? Well, I can’t tell you the whole story, because I’m only there when they ask the questions, after that, candidates leave, and the pow-wow in the wigwam begins. Puffs of white smoke for a pope and all that.

Since I’m the champion of open meetings, I’m refusing to sit for endorsement screenings if there isn’t some kind of public record or open door. The Warren County Democratic Party has told me it’s an open meeting, the Montgomery County Democratic Party still wants to hold secret meetings. I’ve requested an open meeting.

Today, when the Dayton Daily News called, I asked for an open meeting and got put through to Editorial page Editor, Ellen Belcher. I started with the open meeting, then asked to video it and post online, and after two “no” responses got a tentative “yes” to an audio recording that I can then podcast. Not exactly a wide open meeting, but a step in the right direction.

There should be no secrets in selecting candidates. I’m doing my best to make sure the doors are open and the issues are on the table for all to see.

Another small victory from David Esrati, candidate for Congress OH-3.

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