Olivia Freeman for Congress 2012 – OH-10

This bio comes from the DDN voters guide- which I reposted here http://esrati.com/?p=8281

Olivia Freeman

Website: www.liv2012.com

Bio: Born to a military family, I served stateside during Vietnam.  A Wright State Alum,  I’ve traveled to Eastern Europe and Africa to promote education.  Using my marketing and workforce development skills, I help small businesses grow.

Question 1: How will you deal with the continuing costs of military actions and the costs of domestic needs?

Answer 1: The people must be better informed in world affairs before voting on involvement and without giving our hand away, be kept in the loop. Cut the military to a “surgical staff” which is supported by civilian contractors will increase competitiveness and transparency. Demographic analysis indicates we have enough money to pay for SS and Medicare, et al. The “fire sale” of 2008 was a money laundering scheme transferring ownership and profits to foreign corporations. We must close that gate, then increase global market penetration. Let’s bring manufacturing into the 21st century and provide everything, everywhere and bring “our” money home.

Question 2: What are the most important issues in this race?

Answer 2: People need a  “workhorse” not a show horse.  I encourage rural and urban intra-district monetary circulation. I created:  9 Square which funds community programming by granstmanship training  to   2-3 people from every organization to fulfill their missions. The new Ohio Science Alliance will  prepare folks for 21st Century preeminence so everyone gets workforce training, utilizing our science centers and simulation technologies. Weekend Business Bootcamps will start hundreds of new businesses and put thousands of people to work in these vacant buildings across the district and hopefully spawn new industries as well.

And I have the experience to make it happen.

From the DDN interviews on Feb 26 2012

Olivia Freeman

Freeman, 56, lives in Fairborn and works as a consultant to small business. She said she has worked in software sales, as a corporate recruiter and as a substitute teacher. She ran unsuccessfully in the 2010 Congressional primary for the 7th district.

Freeman spoke repeatedly about the need to revitalize American manufacturing, describing it as an answer to job woes as well as deficit problems, and saying “anyone who can start a manufacturing business needs to start it today.”

She said the lack of credit available to small businesses is a hurdle to accomplishing this goal and called on credit unions and the U.S. Commerce Department to make more loans available. She said if the government can find money for corporate bailouts, it “bloody well better find money for this.”

Freeman also called for the use of “simulation technology” in education to better prepare students in science curriculums. She is in favor of getting American troops out of Afghanistan, and said she does not believe in cutting entitlement programs, saying once the Baby Boomer wave is past, the programs will be sound again. She said her business experience has prepared her for a bipartisan approach.

“When I am working with companies, I’ve got to work on both sides of the fence, making sure both the city and the contractor are getting their needs met,” Freeman said. “And I am a tough negotiator.”

Click on image to download pdf of Olivia Freeman campaign piece

Click on image to download PDF of Freeman for Congress piece

Olivia ran in 2010 in the OH-7th and had a leftover site that’s a bit odd- which she’s updated, and may be using signs from that run. Her tagline is a bit odd from an ad standpoint- “A workhorse, not a showhorse” as if this is a horse race instead of an election. She’s missed a few candidates nights and has some literature that showed up about the same time McMasters lit showed up (both a few weeks after mine was already out).

Olivia Freeman congress OH-10 car flyer

Olivia gives you a ticket

Today, while I was distributing literature at churches I hit one church right after Olivia had- I took a picture of her lit under a winsdhield- my mother thought it looked like a parking ticket.

When you watch the videos of Olivia speaking you’ll hear the same thing for the most part- about her age and military experience- she went into the Army in 1973 making her a Vietnam era vet, however she didn’t serve there. You’ll hear she went to Wright State as did her daughter- who she’s quite proud of, who wasn’t supposed to do drugs or have babies  (so far so good) and then she’s off on her idea of solving problems by begging corporate America’s foundations out of charitable cash to solve the problems in our community.

Looking at her LinkedIn profile she only has 17 connections and the link to her company website: www.go-solas.com is a dead link. Her work history is also a bit odd:

CEO Next Generation Technologies, Inc October 2007Present (4 years 5 months)

Next Gen is broken into four business units: Solas Construction helps people get training and experience in the construction industry. We manufacture our own solar power generator providing training and job experience to market disadvantaged and the underemployed. Freeman Educational Engineering, uses simulation technologies and engineering principles to enhance outcomes. Next Gen Communications: still produces software and added products for disaster preparedness. Next Gen Pharmacom: provides jobs in the pharmaceutical and aquaculture industries.

Human Resources Generalist Drake Center Nonprofit; 1001-5000 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry May 2005October 2007 (2 years 6 months)

Brought professional recruiting practices to hospital. Sourced candidates, wrote protocol for recruitment standards, methods and metrics. Created and presented career development courses to ensure captive audience of candidates. Designed employer branding, arranged logistics beyond job fairs. Streamlined application and interview process. Created first HRIS system for hospital. Rated “Excellent” in customer relations and employee advocacy.

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Software industry 19972003 (6 years)

Sold over one million dollars in mainframe data encryption software. Developed strategic plan to increase market penetration. Trained sales staff. Taught world-class relationship building. Trade Show Diva. Always came back with great leads. Still hold record for largest single sale.

I’ve heard her speak enough times that I should know what her plans are for Congress- but, I’m still feeling like I’ve not heard anything substantive.

Freeman is one of 6 choices in the Democratic Primary for OH-10, currently held by Mike Turner. The other candidates are Tom McMasters, Ryan Steele, Sharen Neuhardt, Mack Van Allen and me, David Esrati. The primary is March 6, 2012

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