Ohio Supreme Court weighs in on who employs the BOE staff

It’s funny- just as Secretary of State Jon Husted claims that the problems at the Montgomery County Board of Elections are a local issue- the Ohio Supreme Court decides in a Cuyahoga County case of BOE workers behaving badly that they work for the SOS:

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by two former Cuyahoga County Board of Elections workers to compel county taxpayers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyers’ bills.

The court ruled Thursday that county taxpayers should not have to pay because Jacqueline Maiden and Kathleen Dreamer were not county employees. Board of elections workers are ultimately under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State office, the court found.

via Cuyahoga County taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay election workers’ legal bills: Ohio Supreme Court | cleveland.com.

But earlier in the week- our only elected election official in the state:

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office views the matter as a local one, according to spokesman Matthew McClellan.

via Elections board wants investigation.

Personally, I’m a big fan of accountability- and since the employees are all appointed by the two major political parties, I believe that they should be forced to pay all legal fees, fines, and be held accountable for violations by their appointees. The members of the actual board, the two Dems and two Republicans who get paid $20K per year for attending two short meetings a month, should be held personally liable for amounts up to and equaling their compensation from the BOE.

It’s time to change the way we run elections in the State of Ohio- and we can’t afford, or wait for the parties in power to make the necessary changes.

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OMG, If the state of OH and its court system is involved, in charge or in cahoots with all the OH counties’ and local elections offices, we don’t stand a chance of changing anything!
I emailed a certain City Commissioner to see if he/she would be willing to come along in this BOE’s investigation; we’ll see if I even get a response, I did last time …

Fact Check
Fact Check

I can say that Kym Brush was an outstanding coworker, employee, and someone who had unquestionable integrity.  My guess is that someone will have to apologize for the part of the accusation that stated the poll workers were not trained or notified by the Directors or poll worker trainers.  The writer(s) should have stated the poll workers were trained poorly or not properly. 

Unfortunately the document is solid proof that includes handwriting samples that they just can’t explain away, there is no way it could be forged.  The numbers simply match up to verified election results unless I have bad information.


No response after two emails to the City Commissioner who was actually an employee of the BOE at one time, figures …
On a side note, does anyone know if the dude with the funny name who frequently appears at both the Dayton and County Commission meetings, complaining of racism and police brutality 21 years ago on his family, including the KKK he says, has a case?  Seems he changed his name, too, to something unpronouncable … kind of like, the lady on the AM TV talk show, Hoda, huh?  People are indeed strange, quoting The Doors.
I say give it up folks, or good luck; If I could afford to give to David’s fund for help I would, but as you all know, no job yet …