Ohio now has “do-over” election law?

The dangerous precedent that is being set, which I believe to be unconstitutional, is that once a ballot issue has been set and certified, the members of the Ohio House, can at will, overrule the will of the people- and decide to arbitrarily change the course of an election.

What next? After the petitions have been filed to put a measure on the ballot- like issue 2, they change the requirements?

Or if a candidate who was ruled ineligible, is given a second chance to file? (as this law seems to do).

As a candidate who had petitions invalidated in the past- for a minor technicality that overruled the will of 50 electors’ signed names- this sets dangerous precedent.

These actions and meddling in elections by the House and Senate reek of election rigging. The perpetrators of this crime against the people, should be charged and brought to trial.

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The system is currently set up so that one political party gets to rule.  The only way I see to change is to eliminate all districts, elect all officials state-wide at-large, and allow only one vote per citizen for each category of public office.

Let me know when you’re all on board with that. 


Maybe we should ask Jimmy Carter to come to Ohio to watch our elections the way he has in Third World countries.


I never really liked electorial votes beating out the populace votes, either–it’s all rigged anyway … President for the highest bidders! $