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If you could change one thing with a magic wand, what would it be?

Yes, I’m giving you three choices- so we can see which are the most important issues- to a smaller sample and make the poll more significant.

I’m not looking for nitty-gritty how it would happen- I’m giving you a magic wand- and *voila* it’s fixed to your liking. Poll is in the sidebar on the right, under Categories. Have at it.

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Larry Sizer

The first thing you should do is start at the ground roots, like the Historical District in Dayton, OH. and of which you are a member. For work done for HSPI should be Time and Material and not the Haliburton give away, that has Shills bumping up the amount of money for their work. Also question the constitution, that has no time limit for the officers, when I know that for a fact there was one, but some how got lost in the shuffle. Start at the bottom of the cess pool and work yourself up to where you can bring the troops home. That would be a great start of a crescendo, that people write books about.