Nan Whaley trashes Dayton 65 days before the election

It looks like Labor Day weekend was the kickoff to the Whaley sign campaign, with her signs appearing all over town. Empty lots, right of ways, public property- it’s all about her! I saw signs in overgrown lots, near highway entrance ramps and next to any leftover A.J. Wagner sign that’s been left since the special election in May – like the one at the corner of W. Fifth and Ludlow in front of a parking lot.

I’ve always consider yard signs the least informative part of political campaigning. If you think about it- all it is a candidate’s name and the office they are running for and not much else. When signs are in supporters’ yards- you assume that person knows why they are voting for the candidate- but unfortunately, when it comes to Whaley- I heard this more than a few times in the primary, “I just have it in my yard because I was told to put it in by….” either the union they belong to, or the politician that they work for.

Granted, Whaley had almost 5,000 votes in the special election, compared to Wagner’s 2,500, but when you add in the Leitzell voters who are mostly going to vote for Wagner, you soon realize that the well-funded Whaley battleship is hoping to win by sheer brute strength instead of their candidat’s competency. Putting signs out this early by a leader is nothing but a show of fear.

And just remember, every time you see a small sign- that it could have bought a basketball net, and every three big signs with two fence posts- she could have bought a backboard, you start to realize what the Whaley campaign is focused on- Nan, and nothing else.

Here’s a video I did about campaign signs in the last Congressional race:

I’m sure we’ll see Wagner signs out there shortly, with his new slogan- More Change, less politics. I for one, hope he waits till 30 days before the election to post his signs and shows some class. It’s the major difference between these two old school candidates- and it’s one of the reasons I think Wagner is much better suited to be Mayor.

I’ve still got a few hundred “Esrati, New Ideas” signs to put out, starting 30 days before the election. If you live on a corner, or on a main street, please go to: and sign up for one. It will be delivered around Oct. 5, and picked up Nov. 6th. Thank you.

And if you are looking for what I’ve been doing instead of wasting money on yard signs- go to and learn about my basketball nets.

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David Lauri

And we’re back to saying negative things about other candidates instead of focusing on positive things about ourselves.


 ” I saw signs in overgrown lots, near highway entrance ramps…..”
And did you check out the condition of Dayton’s on/off ramps?  Take W35 from east Dayton to 75 South.  If I didn’t know I was in a city, I’d think I was on an overgrown gravel road in Pike County, Ohio. (Whaley advertising what she’s done for the City of Dayton’s green spaces?)  My guess is, we can expect more of the same lackluster “leadership” if she’s elected.


I agree about trashing up the city…..I am waiting to see if another democratic “volunteer” dumps signs in back of vacant properties in the Santa Clara neighborhood for any running politicians.  They did it in 2011 making the neighborhood and the city look even more like a dump site.  Im ready for them to do it again to take pictures, to alert the media, you, the county waste district, the democratic headquarters, and each and every phony politician that I see on a sign out there for all to see.  The judge I alerted in 2011 did come back and retrieve the signs after I pitched a fit, but well see what this years lazy volunteers do…..wondering what other parts of the city are used as politician dumping grounds……