Montgomery County Races bring challengers for a change

NOTE: Until the Board of Elections approves petitions next Tuesday at 11am, none of these people are guaranteed on the ballot (however incumbents from major parties almost never get disqualified).

The County Commission is an odd race, where you run for an actual seat at large- not just the top two vote getters- head-to-head combat.

Incumbent Dem Judy Ann Dodge is going to face former Sheriff (who resigned) Dave Vore, and Harold L Robinson both running as Republicans.

Incumbent Dem Deborah A. Lieberman gets to run against Kettering Councilman Stephen Ashley Webb who is a Republican.

Unfortunately, no one is challenging Montgomery County Prosecutor for life Mat Heck Jr. Word is most are afraid of vindictive treatment in the courts if they challenge his highness.

The Clerk of Courts, Dem Gregory A Brush is facing Republican Michael Joseph Foley (no relation to County Commissioner Dan Foley).

The County Recorder, Dem Willis E Blackshear Sr. is facing Republican challenger Timothy C O’Bryant.

Rene L. Oberer who ran against Turner in the last Congressional race- calling Turner a liberal, is now challenging Dem Treasurer Carolyn Rice.

The Coroner, Engineer and Sheriff are all running unopposed.

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