Montgomery County Board of elections admits 20% fail rate

Blaming the whistle blower isn’t the first step to proving innocence, asking to be investigated by an impartial commission is.

This is lost on both the Montgomery County Board of Elections– and apparently the people who were mailed a 9-page letter yesterday alleging that the 2006 general election had some problems.

Montgomery County elections officials claim allegations that they failed to provide more than 600 provisional voters a full ballot in the November 2006 election are false.

Those same officials are calling for the Ohio secretary of state and the county sheriff’s office to investigation the accusation, which came in a two-page letter with supporting documents, signed by Concerned Election Workers of Montgomery County Ohio….

County elections board Director Steve Harsman said the allegation is false.

“We are very passionate about getting to the bottom of these allegations and pursuing any legal remedy available to us,” he said.

Harsman said that 80 percent of the precincts were 100 percent accurate on the inventory, with matching page numbers.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office views the matter as a local one, according to spokesman Matthew McClellan.

Sheriff Phil Plummer said he has not been contacted by the elections board.

via Elections board wants investigation.

The secretary of state, as the only elected elections official, is criminal in not conducting an investigation.

The sheriff not starting an investigation on his own, is a failure as well.

The people deserve to know that elections are handled by consummate professionals. Instead what we get is a group of political party hacks out to cover their behinds.

Trouble has been brewing at the Montgomery County Board of Elections for a long time- from the hiring of a family member who is a convicted rapist without a job application, to the firing of a powerful lobbyists son for forging a signature on an absentee ballot. Sooner or later, a whistle blower had to come crawling out of the cesspool that poses as a protector of our rights (when it is in fact, just a patronage factory).

Yes, this letter only outlines the errors on provisional ballots- and only 600 of them, but the fact is that when the sealed ballots were opened and one page instead of two were included, the Board of Elections could have rectified this by holding the election results until all 600 voters had been contacted and given the opportunity to vote properly- which wasn’t done. These are the ONLY ballots that could have easily been traced back to their owners, had the BOE cared about getting the election right- yet, the decision was made to quietly ignore the problem.

It’s time for a chief ethics officer in the county- more than ever.


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