Monday, Oct 6, last day to register to vote in Ohio

Just a reminder- if you haven’t received a notice of election with your polling place on it, you may not be registered to vote at your current location. Ohio will drop you from the rolls if you haven’t voted in a long time.

Also, convicted felons can vote in Ohio. This is a common misconception- you can’t vote while incarcerated, but once you have served your time, you are eligible. Make sure you are registered at your current address.

You do not need to have ID with you to register, however, if you are going to vote, you will have to have ID.

  • Either your Ohio driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number
    • Or one of the following forms of voter identification:
    • a copy pf your Ohio driver’s license
    • a copy of an identification card issued by the State of Ohio  or the United States government
    • an original or copy of a utility bill
    • an original or copy of a bank statement
    • an original or copy of a paycheck
    • an original or copy of a government check
    • an original or copy of another government document

  • Your complete legal signature or mark.
  • The above comes from this page:

    Here are the rules for registration:

    Due to the new early voting opportunities, you can also register and vote on the same day tomorrow- so consider casting your vote early.

    Montgomery County Board of Elections has special extended hours tomorrow: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Oct. 6. They are in the basement of the Montgomery County Building which is the tall tower on W. Third Street directly across from Sinclair Community college.

    Although I’d recommend the Board, here are the other places you can register, but remember, the deadline is Monday, Oct. 6:

    You may register to vote:

    • At the Montgomery County Board of Elections or the Secretary of State’s office.
    • At any Branch Registration Agency.
    • At any public high school or vocational school.
    • At any office of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
    • At any office of designated agencies which provide public assistance or disability programs.
    • At any public libraries.
    • At the County Treasurers’ offices.
    • By mail.

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    Great post! I was just thinking I wanted to get down to do the early voting today and realized I don’t even know where the Mont. Co DOE is… and I can walk there after class.


    Don’t vote if you don’t know what, why and who you are voting for. As this may actually help the weaker/less qualified candidate. But vote YES on issue 6!

    J.R. Locke

    Gene dumbest thing you have ever said. We are supposed to vote for people who are like us, people we can drink beers with. Who cares what they are going to do in office, they are all lying anyway!

    I am with you on Issue 6 though. We need some gambling in Wilmington. Maybe a red light district too?

    Now if I could only smoke cigarettes in a bar….


    True – they are all lying, so it really does not matter. As a neo-libertarian, we should eliminate the smoking ban and piss David off. That would be worth it!

    We should get rid of the government. What a waste of time and money. Just a bunch of air bags spewing bs to the under intoxicated public. I say do a shot and then maybe you can deal with our bleak future. But it should be fun.

    Lena Miller

    Hi! Yes; rainbows, lollipops, unicorns, sunshine…
    You will be pleased to know that I am pushing hard to get these South Dakotans to register to vote through my promotions position at ABC…I even got a 72 year-old woman to register and vote for the first time in her life.

    I will be an Ohio voter this election. I think my vote may count for a bit more in Oh Ho Ho.

    J.R. Locke

    South Dakota’s 2.8% unemployment rate probably doesn’t have its citizens up in arms does it?

    Very cool getting folks to register but is it a good thing?