Mohamed Al-Hamdani to challenge John McManus for County Treasurer

Because Mohamed Al-Hamdani is incapable of leading the local dem party, he’s decided to place his name on the ballot to challenge former Democrat John McManus for County Treasurer.

Note, the last person Al-Hamdani backed for Treasurer was Russ Joseph, who had been appointed to fill the remaining term of Carolyn Rice. Joseph got his butt kicked, just like when he was appointed to be Clerk of Courts, and lost to Mike Foley before that.

The Democratic bench is limited by the fact that they only endorse and support people on the “Friends and Family Plan” and shush any newcomers away. They have a history of telling people to “wait their turn” as the Monarchy backs their own. Or the flip-side, where the people in the back room think they should pick one democrat over another- or ignore the outcomes of primaries because someone hasn’t kissed the ring (personal experience, after a long line of others suffered the same fate).

Ask Dayton City Commissioner Darryl Fairchild about how he waited for his turn- and got stabbed in the back.

The fact that lifetime Democrat, Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald switched parties Monday to run against Debbie Lieberman for County Commission is just one more example of how this local party has alienated leaders and played favorites.

Having watched both McManus and Al-Hamdani on the Dayton School board, it’s absolutely clear who will win this election- McManus by a landslide.

I’m going to share two videos- which should tell you all you need to know about these two candidates.

McManus- running a meeting:

Respect is earned by John McManus.

Al-Hamdani running a meeting:

Note, Al-Hamdani was involved in School business before he even was sworn in- breaking the law from day one.

I don’t expect the Dem party as it’s currently run, to EVER get out of it’s own way- and actually work to strategically win elections and to develop the grassroots power it should have until enough of the “Friends and Family” get beat and sent packing. And that shouldn’t mean going from dumped by voters to a cushy federal job and then a BOE job like Russ Joseph. Or Rhine McLin.

Hopefully, the Republican party will find someone to run against Matt Heck- or some brave Dem will run against him and end his reign of favoritism.

Turn in deadline for most races is Dec. 18, 2023.

Stay tuned.

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