Moe’s on Brown becoming Hot Head Burritos, a step closer to local flavor

It didn’t take long for Moe’s to mosey off Brown Street, and now signs in the window suggest that local chain Hot Head Burritos will be taking over the space.

The real question is how long can a strip of fast food feeders survive without any other reason to head there other than to eat? A bookstore, a clothing store (other than the flyer apparel shop) a drugstore, a small grocery, a gym? All of these are normal retail sites that typically surround a college campus.

Almost every new business on Brown is a chain, save Dolcessa and the aforementioned flyer gear shop. What makes this strip special, unique, interesting? Even Hot Head and Deweys are small chains.

If we don’t add some local flavor, there is no real reason to make it a destination?

Is it time to require developers to include at least 20% local flavor in projects? I’m not a fan of legislating business practices, but, since we have no problem sticking our noses into everything else for “economic development’s” sake, why not foster local business?

Homogenization is good for milk, for the most part. It’s not good for a city’s shopping options.

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