Mike Turner wants to go nuclear

I’ve never doubted the vindictive nature of Mike Turner- I’ve experienced it firsthand. So, it came to me as no surprise when I read about him wanting to change US nuclear policy of not using nukes on nations without them:

The Nuclear Posture Review took a beating at yesterday’s full House Armed Services Committee mark of the FY 2011 Defense Authorization Bill (H.R. 5136).

By the slim margin of 30-28, Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH), the Jon Kyl of the House, secured support for a sense of congress amendment proclaiming that the Nuclear Posture Review weakens U.S. national security by taking options off the table to respond to a catastrophic nuclear, chemical, biological, or conventional attack. Needless to say, the optics of having the House Armed Services Committee on record as saying that the President’s Nuclear Posture Review damages U.S. national security is not helpful.

via Nukes of Hazard Blog – Blog.

Never mind that Turner never served a day in the military- he wants to ignore the Sec Def and the Joint Chiefs who believe that nuclear non-proliferation is a good idea. The idea that you can use a nuke and “contain” it to a tactical area- or that it doesn’t affect areas across borders is just plain ignorant.

Nuclear weapons are not a solution to anything- unless you have dreams of being Dr. Strangelove. While those in OH-3 seem to think Turner’s good at bringing home the bacon- they don’t realize that’s he’s a total nut job when it comes to defense spending and use of the military.

The United States already spends 8x what any other nation does- spending 44.32% of the ENTIRE WORLD’S spending on defense. This may be a root cause of our massive indebtedness- and why our country can’t pay teachers- provide health care, or even keep cops on the street.

Of course, Defense contractors take good care of Mr. Turner- MTC made him a millionaire while serving you.

It’s time for a rational representative in Congress from OH-3.

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What a maroon, if he were serious about our nation’s defense he’d get a sense of congress amendment on our looming mine shaft gap…

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

The idea that you can use a nuke and “contain” it to a tactical area- or that it doesn’t affect areas across borders is just plain ignorant. Of course it is ignorant but that is what we elect in Ohio ignorance (DeWine was/is a joke).  It also does not mean it cannot be effective to utilize an ignorant Congressman to Corporate Advantage.  We have had Monsanto Hall who argues that genetically modified food will feed the world and now we have Missile Boy Mikey ensuring that we can by “safely” nuking a good deal of the populace so we do not need as much food.  I love it!  The hubris of man, especially so called CHRISTIAN men who exhibit less faith in God and more in Man is sickening. But maybe Missile Boy Mikey has a point….maybe we can take out a couple of billion people without one shot fire on American Soil?  It might have merit as we continually prod the Muslim countries it is only going to get worse so we should plan for the eventuality of utilizing these weapons.   So maybe Missile Boy Mikey is really not ignorant but a military genius and he plans to help the military Charlie Wilson style and pull off the greatest population reduction program in history, ridding us of the Muslims and bringing Israel back to its original borders so Jesus can sweep down and become the Rightful King in a beautiful One World Government.  It is brilliant actually, just any Fox news watcher or dingbat in a Pew on Sunday Morning. I think we can entice Pakistan, China and India to mass up on the border say in this valley near the borders. Then drop a few 20 MT bombs arranging for a mid air burst killing about 2 billion people instantly and a few more later.  The mid air bursts actually do not produce that much long term radiation as most of the short term lethal effects are over in days.  Of course the Israelis will use there nukes to take out Iran and we will have the Soviets sit on the… Read more »