Mat Heck and his mobster mentality

It’s not just poor people and minorities who suffer under the vulgar actions of Mat Heck, its everyone in Montgomery County. Because of the way the system works, he’s basically king of the fiefdom, deciding what cases go to court and which ones don’t. Which ones they’ll fight hard and which ones they won’t.

We identified how he keeps his minions inline via a bonus system on Monday. Today, Reconstructing Dayton delved even deeper into this illegal way he pays public employees to follow his will. See “Decades of Graft by Mat Heck.” A high placed county official even said that people in office are afraid of crossing him. We’ve got two more bombshells to reveal about how this isn’t legal- and how it leads to him being one of the chief ringleaders of the Culture of Corruption. You know- that culture that the FBI told us about back in April of 2019- where they announced that 4 Black men were a menace to society. The amount of money they were in trouble for barely amounts to 10% of Mat’s bonus scandal payments.

Personally, I filed yet another salvo in my Public Records Request case that sits under Judge Gerald Parker. Parker, found for me- saying the library had to hand over the video- had to pay the max mandatory statutory fine of $100 per day for 10 days maximum, in a case where we’re now out 1229 days and they still have not properly complied. At this rate, they should owe me $121,900 in fines. But, since they were allowed to obstruct justice, lie in court, act in contempt of court, and not fulfill the requirements of the law- I’m still stuck with my legal fees (up to the point when my lawyer bowed out due to his job change) and no payment for my continued effort to make sure that public records requests don’t get mishandled like this ever again- and that public officials who collude in criminal behavior have to suffer somehow. I think handing me Library Director Tim Kambitch’s salary for every day he failed to comply would be a good start- same goes for the two prosecutors- out of their personal accounts, not out of insurance or the public coffers.

Read the complaint- and note, in Dayton, where there may only be 1.2 degrees of separation between people, eventually- the truth gets out. Former Security assistant for Dayton Metro Library, Clarissa Sampson’s statement along with additional information that will come out in court, pretty much damns Kambitsch and his enablers in the Prosecutors office.

I’ve mentioned that since the Prosecutor works in the privacy of the Grand Jury Room to decide if a case goes to trial or not, we are supposed to be able to trust that what either the Grand Jury decides is what they decided- or what was presented to the Grand Jury was actual fact. Among lawyers, the saying is “you can indict a ham sandwich if you want to”- because, in a grand jury hearing, typically, the defendant has no representation. No one is cross examined. No one testifying is tested, except by the prosecutors. I bring this up because Jennifer Selhorst, who stole over $35K from me was not given a day in court in my case. Even though as I walked out of the room, I believed what 2 of the jurors said to me was indicative of their support for punishing Selhorst. Luckily, she did get prosecuted for stealing $3K from my friend who I serve as Power of Attorney. I believe this is just one of the ways Mat Heck rules through fear, intimidation and state granted power.

Make sure you read closely the post on Reconstructing Dayton– and realize, this is part of a culture of corruption.

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