Mass layoff at Premier Health Tuesday- seemingly unreported

When you layoff more than 50 people, according to State law, you have to report it.

Using Mass Layoff Procedures Ohio Revised Code, Section 4141.28 c requires employers to notify the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services ODJFS at least three working days prior to the first day of a mass layoff. To be considered a “mass layoff” employers must have a separation of 50 or more employees within a seven-day period. This allows ODJFS staff to obtain advance information from employers regarding the“lack of work nature” of the separation. When payments such as severance pay, vacation pay, or holiday pay are involved, employers submit a list of workers that will be laid off to expedite processing.

via Microsoft Word – Mass Layoff Procedures May232007 HA.doc – masslayoff.pdf.

Sources tell me that there were mass layoffs at Miami Valley Hospital/Premier Health Partners on Tuesday.

Of course, when the powers that be claim our economy to be based on Meds/Eds and Feds this is bad news, and not something we want to tell anyone.

It is interesting that the top folks at Premier Health had plenty of money to donate to the Whaley primary campaign feast. I may have missed a few names on her campaign report, if someone wants to double cross check Premier Senior management with her report.

  • Mary Boosalis Check 4/8/13 $750.00
  • Thomas M. Duncan Check 4/8/13 $750.00
  • Bobbie L Gerhart 4/8/13 Check $500.00
  • James R. Pancoast  4/8/13 Check $2,000.00
  • James R. Pancoast  4/8/13 Check $500.00
  • Barbara A. Johnson  4/8/13 Check $500.00
  • Eloise P. Broner 4/8/13 Check $500.00

All from her pre-primary report: Whaley, N – 2013 Pre Primary

So, they can afford to pay for wildly expensive primary campaigns, pay themselves 7 figure salaries, but, get out of paying property taxes, but, when push comes to shove- laying off a lot of people is not news in Dayton?

Note- the last time I had a bunch of people donating to the same campaign, from the same company, the same week- it was a violation of election law and the company was doing pay to play politics- read about it: Qbase




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