Make Orwell Fiction Again T-shirts

Make Orwell Fiction Again T-ShirtI saw this on a cheap looking hat on Facebook.
I liked it so much- I said “I think I want a T-shirt” – and the shirts that were out there were also fugly.
So- here is the David Esrati designed “Make Orwell Fiction Again” T-shirt in black, with Cheeto Orange ink-

printed on my favorite t-shirt, the Gildan 64000 softstyle in men’s and women’s styles and sizes – for sale. The moment I hit 50 sold, we’ll print. So order yours here today:

Shirts are $10 in normal sizes, and $14 in the big ones.
Shipping is $5 for the first shirt- and add $2.50 for each additional up to 6- where shipping is free!

Thank you for your support.

Update: A few people don’t seem to get the shirt. This surprised me. First- the country was bamboozled with the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again”- which has turned this country into a farce of what it was meant to be.

George Orwell wrote two books I read while in high school; “Animal Farm” and “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. The first, published in 1945 was a jab at the evolution of communism in Russia from Marxist ideals to something more resembling an oligarchy. Orwell turns it into a fairy tale where the animals take over the farm, slaying the evil human overlords to make a socialist society. Over time, the pigs (not a very well veiled allegory) put themselves in charge and start emulating humans. The famous line- “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” comes into play in the story. Of course- it’s fiction- but based on facts.

When we have 1% of the population controlling so much of the wealth and capital- Orwell’s fiction has become reality.

In “Nineteen Eighty Four” published in 1949, just before his death, Orwell predicted that by 1984 we’d be engaged in perpetual war, have omnipresent government surveillance and the government would be actively involved in public manipulation. The leader, “Big Brother” may be real or may not be- but thrives on a cult of personality.

When it came out- it was a warning, and while frightening and depressing, when I read it, a mere 6 or 7 years before it was supposed to happen, it was still dystopian fiction.

Now, with the release of Edward Snowden’s documentation of perpetual surveillance on American’s without warrants, a never ending war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Trump routinely calling the fourth estate fake news, it has become a sad reality.

That the religious right overlooks “Big Brother Trump’s” marital mishaps, his misogyny, the stream of lies, and attacks on the press is a reason to wish that “Make Orwell Fiction Again” is even more of a battle cry than the simple attack of “Impeach Trump.”

If you really want to Make America Great Again- which was always questionable in its validity- with our history of racism, slavery, internment of our citizens and even medical experiments without consent, you should want to “Make Orwell Fiction Again” and begin to move this country back from a place where children are separated from their families, where getting cancer is a surefire route to bankruptcy and graduating college means a lifetime of debt.

Order a shirt. Wear the change you want to see in our country proudly.

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