Local company does well when things go to hell

Sandbags. Filled a lot of them if you were in the Army, and it never was fun.

However when natural disasters strike, floods, fires and oil spills, there is always a run on them. This is really good if you are Dayton Bag and Burlap in East Dayton, up on the Huffman Hill. War is good for them too- I remember when before the first Iraq war, the order had them working around the clock. They even have a filled sandbags- selling dirt and making money.

Typically, they make a lot of things for the nursery/forestry business. They’ve expanded into things like fiberglass parts for the automotive industry, but there is nothing like getting an order for 3.5 million sandbags to keep the sewing machines humming. The only hold-up on production right now is the burlap, which takes three months to arrive via ship from India. They’ve added employees (Vietnamese immigrants btw) and are working 12 hours a day sewing 350,000 bags a week. They are also delivering liners made of burlap for the booms used to drag the surface for oil. Apparently, burlap, which is all natural, is the best thing to absorb the sludge without causing additional problems.

While this isn’t exactly “creative class” jobs, they are jobs and they are being created right here in the City of Dayton. While the reason they are hiring is kind of depressing, it’s good to know that some business in Dayton is doing extremely well.

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