Letter to the editor: Stop subsidizing the rich

My letter to the editor of the Dayton Daily News:

Enough is enough. The debate on where to place the blame on NCR leaving or job retention or creation has to be shifted to where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of the politicians.

Not because they didn’t do enough, but because they’ve been involved in “economic development” at all.

It should be illegal for our tax dollars to be redistributed into corporations. Voters who make minimum wage should be outraged that their tax dollars have been used at all to support a company like NCR that pays their CEO $2000/hr. while losing 2/3rds of the company’s value.

The City of Dayton says it has invested $50.4 million creating and retaining jobs since 1995, yet our city is now poorer and less populated. That was our money, to be used for streets, safety, and the common good.

Politicians make lousy venture capitalists, but we sure make good idiots- allowing this madness to continue will guarantee the total collapse of our country.

If there was a time for voters to be outraged, this is it.

The emperors have no clothes. Let’s stop pretending that the CEO of NCR has the taxpayers interest at heart and deserves $60 million, or $31 million from our governor.

Subsidizing his fat paycheck isn’t my job, nor is it yours.

Demand our elected officials to stop handing over our money, NOW.

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