Let the Qbase lawsuits begin: Barnard vs. Qbase

The Greene County Courts online system is even worse than Montgomery County’s- in that it makes you think you can link directly to a case, but you can’t. Then it gets even worse because you can’t access the PDF of the actual filing.

So, I called and asked for a PDF- “What’s that?” the woman in the clerk’s office said. An Adobe Acrobat document, you know- like the lawyers have to file everywhere else, I say. “We don’t have that capability, there isn’t money in the budget, you can pick it up- copies are five cents, or we can fax it at $1 a page with a $2 transmission fee.”

Never mind, the fact that Greene County had $60,000 to invest in Qbase, but can’t buy a simple document scanner and Adobe Acrobat Pro for their courts.

The first lawsuit over the fall of Qbase has begun:


via Public Access – Docket List.

Joanne Barnard wrote Willard Pardue a check for $75K for part ownership of his grand plan, along with quite a few other smart people (the list is in the filing). You’ve got Bob Mills and Sam Morgan in there as investors, and of course, the one and only “no bid needed” marketing whiz Evan Scott (he’s the one who gave Lori Turner the contract for “Get Midwest” while he was with the Dayton Development Coalition).

When Joanne Barnard was fired (position eliminated), a few days before she landed the huge contract for QBase to work with the United Way, she was entitled to have her shares purchased back. They refused.

There is much more to this story- and over time in the courts, we should find out more: Forced campaign contributions, mandatory attendance at political fundraisers and other improper business dealings, plus the bilking of taxpayers to fund this house of cards. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but when they finish their job, we’ll know exactly how bad an investment Qbase was for all the corporate welfare it got.

If you’ve got more info on this- feel free to contact me, so I can share it with the world.

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