Let me introduce CSU to the DDN

As one of the last stands of racism, Greene County became the only county with two state universities- back in 1964. That was when “White State” was founded- and the role of Central State was firmly assigned as a  Negro school- of course, we sanitize it by calling it a HBCU- Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

And of course, the racist Dayton Daily News– despite being the local paper- still hasn’t figured this out:

FAIRBORN — Wright State University President David Hopkins remains one of the lowest-paid public university leaders in Ohio with a salary and benefits package totaling $447,653.

The salaries of all public university presidents were reported Sunday by the Chronicle of Higher Education, a trade publication, which releases the data every year. The information released Sunday combines salary, bonuses, car and housing allowances, deferred compensation, retirement and other benefits for the “total cost of employment” during the 2009-2010 school year.

Hopkins total cost is only higher than Carol A. Cartwright, Bowling Green State University president, who earned $412,500…..

Sinclair Community College and Central State University were not included in the survey. In 2009-2010 Steven Johnson, Sinclair president, made $298,269 and in 2008-2009 CSU’s John W. Garland made $255,948.

via WSU president salary one of state’s lowest, OSU nation’s highest.

How can a paper call Dr. Hopkins’ salary one of state’s lowest- when he’s third from the bottom- when considering 4-year schools (assuming we didn’t just leave any others out, like the missing Youngstown and Shawnee State?)

When did facts become immaterial in journalism? Maybe that’s why when I walk into Kroger- the DDN is paying some poor fool to stand outside the door shilling subscriptions- the same way the Salvation Army raises donations- sans the bell.

Getting the facts straight is the only thing that supposedly separates the “legitimate media” from the blogger- apparently, Esrati.com still gets the facts straight. Even more unfortunate is that this article was almost completely stolen from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

It’s probably just as well that CSU didn’t get mentioned- once Governor Kasich figures out that Greene County has two state universities- he’ll probably move to either privatize or sell off one of them. Stay tuned.

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